Elevated Print Order

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Learn about our printing specifications below and watch our team's tutorial on preparing your files for printing.

Ready-To-Print Specifications

Print-ready files can be sent to our Vancouver printing facility from anywhere in the world. Artists working in digital formats can unlock a new avenue of elevated printing! Our print-ready file specification is generally based on the following requirements: 

  • Colour file: 8bit tiff file, RGB (Adobe RBG1998 colour space)
  • Elevation file: 16bit tiff grayscale file. White (White pixel): 16bit = 65535 and RGB (255,255,255) corresponds to a height of 0 mm. Black (Black pixel):  16bit = 0 and RGB = (0,0,0) corresponds to the highest point.
  • Max Height Specification File-Text file 
  • Files can be accepted by Arius at resolutions of 250/254dpi, 400 dpi, or 500/508dpi
  • Files must adhere to Arius' Minimum to Maximum print sizes & elevation:

   > Minimum Size: 305mm (12”) x 305mm (12”)

   > Maximum Size: 2433mm (95.8”) x 1193mm (47”)

   > Maximum elevation (height): 5mm (0.20”)

  • ​Standard backing Substrate- Genuine 3A White Dibond, matte finish, 3.2mm (0.125”) thickness. Prints near our maximum dimensions may require a thicker Dibond substrate.
  • Non-printed border addition to tiff files for cutting. Typically a 4 pixel (at 254dpi) white border.

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Learn How to Create an Elevated Photographic Print


Learn how to transform your photographs into textured prints, with our guide to creating files that are compatible with Arius Technology's elevated printing process. In this tutorial we cover:

  • How to make a custom elevated file that precisely registers with the original photograph.
  • The source colored photo
  • The generation of a grey-toned elevation image
  • The Point Cloud preview to see the effect of our work in progress
  • The final effect in the elevation print.