Iris by Van Gogh

  • Free Shipping! This limited edition, textured reproduction of 'Iris' captures the vivid colors and bold brushstrokes of the original artwork, allowing you to experience the masterpiece as Vincent van Gogh intended.
    Please note that unframed prints have a small border since the original is not on a perfectly square support.
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    • Certified Limited Edition of 250 prints world.
    • Printed on premium aluminum panels using the highest quality archival inks
    • Elevated print size: 62.5 x 49.3 cm (24.6 x 19.4”)
  • Selected by curators, the museum choice 'Cezanne' frame reflects the era in which the original 'Iris' was painted. Two additional frame options equally complement the painting, providing great alternatives to match your décor. View frame choices >
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Vincent Van Gogh's Iris


'Iris' was one of the last paintings he made before leaving the Saint-Paul Asylum in May 1890, just months before taking his own life. 

It is believed 'Iris' is simultaneously fragile and hardy, erupting from the earth as the world came back to life in springtime, just as Vincent, suffering from mental illness, was lifting out of a period of particular difficulty and darkness.  

Struggling to make a living, Van Gogh's 'Iris' was executed in oil paint on a cheap cardboard support. He painted outside in the asylum gardens, looking down on the plant and his vibrant, aggressive brushwork, along with his brilliant placement of form – learned from Japanese printmaking – make his insightful experience of the iris immediate to us.

The painting was made in two principal sessions, with a final campaign of emphatic retouching. In the second painting session, Vincent re-positioned the central stem in the middle of the plant, with texture from brush marks made in the first session still visible underneath.

Iris, by Van Gogh close up


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